NBC May Offer Lady-Centric Comedy Block This Fall

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Though NBC has yet to pick up any of the pilots ordered for fall, insiders report that the network is considering putting an entire night of women-centric comedy on the fall schedule.


Said potential programming would include the new offering from Chelsea Handler, where she'll produce a show loosely based upon her life starring That 70's Show's Laura Prepon. It would also showcase the untitled project from Emily Spivey — which will star Christina Applegate and Will Arnett — and the pilot from comedian Whitney Cummings that NBC also ordered. Keep in mind that this is all a big if, because NBC has to decide that they actually like the shows they've ordered. But this block of entertainment sounds promising — and could only be better is if they steal Kathie Lee and Hoda from Today's 4th hour to host!

Pre-Upfronts Buzz Suggests NBC's Female Comedy Block May Be a Go [Splitsider]

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On the one hand, I like Laura Prepon — she was fantastic as Ted's snobby college girlfriend on HIMYM — on the other hand, I continue to be baffled by Chelsea Handler's entire career as a "comedian". Here's to hoping that, if it comes to pass, there are enough wirters with actual comedic chops that this show isn't a dud.

The survival of even good comedies will all come down to ad revenue. Jezebel should add a weekly post to capture ad metrics, something like "Chocolate and Cottage Cheese: What Corporate Execs Think We Need to Buy This Week". I can just hear the "Love Stinks" Swiffer ads and the seductive voiceover of every chocolate commercial ever. Ugh, and those goddamn Fage yogurt (which are delish, btw) ads with the bizarre Maya Angelou/Morgan Freeman-esque rhyming and the alabaster figures rising from the cream (if you have seen any of these ads, you know exactly what I mean.

And ditto on Ima B. Me's sentiment below that I don't trust a network to create a night of women-centric comedies. Just, ugh. This could be epicly bad and, if it fails, we may all wind up with a full block of Bitch Hunter [www.youtube.com]