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Were you hoping for yet another big screen adaptation of Emily Brontë's Wuthering Heights? No? Okay, but what about a TV adaptation of Wuthering Heights that takes place in modern day Napa Valley? Whether that's what you want or not ("It's not," says everybody), that's exactly what you might be getting.


Greg Berlanti (the creator and writer behind Everwood, Jack & Bobby and Arrow) and scribe Tom Donaghy are currently developing a pilot for NBC called Napa, which will be based on the classic novel. Few other details have been release but we can assume that the show will be about a manic SoCal bad boy named Jax Melbourne who is taken in by a rich vineyard owner only to fall in love with his beautiful, wild and possibly insane daughter Claire Woodly-Vaughn. Love will be made, punches will be thrown and wine will be tasted.

In other words, poor Emily Brontë is spinning in her grave.

NBC Developing Modern 'Wuthering Heights' With Greg Berlanti (Exclusive) [THR]
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Wuthering Heights is already awful. I am curious to find out how they are going to make it worse.