NBC Cancels The New Normal After One Measly Season

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Part of Ryan Murphy’s television triumvirate has suffered a major blow with news that NBC will be cancelling The New Normal. That’s not really too shocking, given the fact that a) The New Normal’s Bryan Collins was kind of a meaner, more ill-tempered version of Kurt Hummel who grows up to realize that he’s not quite good enough to be a Broadway sensation and instead has to shack up with the tech-geek sidekick from National Treasure, and b) nobody was really tuning in anymore.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, The New Normal had aired after The Voice as part of NBC’s Tuesday night comedy block. Boosted by The Voice, Normal scored high-enough ratings to merit a full season order. However, once The Voice punctured Normal’s seasonal lifejacket, the sitcom floundered.

Don’t worry about Ryan Murphy’s TV empire, though. You’ll be getting plenty more pre-disillusionment Kurt Hummel for the next two years. Fox has bequeathed Glee a two-season renewal, and FX has ordered a third creepy New Orleans season for American Horror Story. And that’s not the only good TV news — NBC is bringing Community back for a 13-episode fifth season that maybe, might, perhaps include erstwhile showrunner Dan Harmon.


Also, there will be more Scandal because Olivia Pope said so.

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Did anyone watch Ryan Murphy's Popular in 1999? It was like Glee, except really really good. I've been rewatching it recently and remembering just how good it was. I will never really get over the fact that it was cancelled on a cliffhanger.