Nazi Diamonds Are Most Definitely Not a Girl's Best Friend

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Raise your hand if you'd be willing to spend almost $110,000 on a super fancy swastika ring made especially for Hitler by a rabid anti-semitic jeweler. None of you should be raising your hands.

A fancy-pantsy ring owned by Adolph Hitler himself will go up for auction in Maryland next week, according to the Daily Mail. Full disclosure: the ring isn't all that iced out; it consists of silver, traces of gold, and inlaid rubies, which means that you could wear it an engagement ring and be super smug about the fact that it doesn't contain any diamonds. Look at you, Concerned Global Citizen-In-Chief, with your hyper-conflict gemstones!

The jeweler who made the ring sounds like a real prince. Per the Mail,

The ring was crafted by the master goldsmith Karl Berthold who was a fanatical Nazi and kicked Jewish craftsmen out of his business in Frankfurt shortly after the regime came to power in 1933 - long before laws forbidding them from working came into place.

He wrote to Hitler saying he had fired the "Bolshevik-Jew servants" and was commissioned by a party functionary to make the ring for the Nazi leader.


Sounds like he'd get along great with some dudes I overheard complaining about "The Jews" in a Walgreen's in Roswell, New Mexico last week. (IF YOU START DRIVING NOW YOU MIGHT ARRIVE IN MARYLAND IN TIME TO BUY THE HITLER RING GUYS!)

Nazi memorabilia enthusiasts (ew) are basically pissing themselves with excitement over this item's availability, because people are into some fucked up shit.

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Looking at it, I'd say he should have kept the Boshevik-Jews on staff, because he's a pretty crappy jeweler.