'Nazi Dad' Has Another Child, Promptly Names Her 'Eva Braun'

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Heath Campbell, a charming specimen of humanity who first made the national news when he tried (and failed) to buy a birthday cake for his son "Adolf Hitler Campbell," is back. He's had another child, named her "Eva Braun," and two days later promptly lost custody to the state of Pennsylvania.

The New York Daily News reports that Campbell's girlfriend, Bethanie Zito, was on her way out of the hospital when Children and Youth Services turned up and took the child.

"Because I'm not going to mix with the opposite races and I'm not going to let my children mix, that gives them the right to steal my child?" complained Campbell, who likes to wear Third Reich getups to court dates.


Actually, no. According to the mother's lawyer, Mr. Campbell's disgusting worldview wasn't even broached. The state took Eva because it had already taken Zito's first child. "If there is an assumption the child is at risk, they can do that," he explained.

The Daily News notes that Campbell has nine children by five women and custody of exactly zero. (He lost four of them, including little Adolf, in the wake of domestic violence allegations.) "I'm not allowed to have children because I'm a Nazi," he ranted to the paper. "That's what they're saying. Well, I'll stop making them when they stop taking them."

Clearly a devoted pater familias.

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I'm almost more disgusted by the fact he found five women willing to have kids with him than by the fact he keeps breeding and giving 'em Nazi names. What the fuck are those women thinking?