Naturally, A Woman's Dead Father Helps Her Lose Weight (via the Hollywood Medium)

In a crass bit of crossover E! programming, giddy ghoul Tyler Henry (of Hollywood Medium and noted author) stopped by last night’s episode of Revenge Body with Khloe Kardashian. And so, in a veritable constellation of scams, a towheaded lad who pretends to communicate with celebrities’ loved ones hopped aboard a show predicated on the idea that one should lose weight and tone up for the satisfaction of one’s oppressors. Worst, meet worser.


Henry established his legitimacy from the jump, lest you have the suspicion that anyone behind the scenes actually speaks to him when cameras aren’t rolling (“When Khloe called me, she didn’t tell me anything about the person I was reading today”) and then noted that reading Lauren would be a unique experience for him, since on his show he communicates with celebrities (and supposedly their dead loved ones). “It’s so interesting to be able to connect to an everyday person,” said Henry. Yes, that sounds so interesting, and is so interestingly put! (Would requesting that a vocab booster or just some better lines be beamed in from the spirit world be asking too much?)

Anyway, Henry drew in his pad and screwed his face up and told Lauren, a seemingly nice woman who doesn’t want to be called a hippo by her nephews and nieces anymore (and I guess wants revenge on them???), that her dead father put a “strong emphasis” on her health and that he picked up a reference to weight and a loss of weight. Wow, he’s so good! I’m sure he had no idea that he was a show whose title is a reference to weight and a loss of weight. Tyler Henry wakes up in the morning, gets thrown into a car, gets pulled out of the car, and then starts scribbling and babbling and magic happens.

I post this because it is among the dumbest things I’ve ever seen on TV, and I watched every single episode of Rock of Love.

Anyway, this made Lauren feel better and gave her the extra push to keep fighting fat and then she met with Khloe, who “kinda touched on [Lauren] for a second” when she talked to her undoubtedly dear friend Tyler Henry. Lauren reported that the experience was “life-changing.”

“I know what that does for, like, your heart and your soul,” Khloe said. Lauren then met with her brother and told him that Tyler Henry told her that he needed to lose weight, and he said he would. Can’t argue with results, I guess.

Some Pig. Terrific. Radiant. Humble.



Concern trolling from the beyond. Dad needs to get an afterlife.