Screencap via Too Faced

The National Advertising Division has reportedly asked the beauty brand Too Faced to change the product claims regarding their ‘Better Than Sex Mascara.’

While it might seem like the division is demanding Too Faced prove their mascara is actually better than sex, according to Allure they actually just want the brand to discontinue their claim that the mascara “adds “1,944 percent more volume” to lashes. The division is reportedly asking the brand, in addition to discontinuing the claim, to stop using their “before” and “after” pictures for the product.


But Too Faced is standing by it! In a statement to WWD they wrote, “The tests used to establish these claims were conducted using sound methodology at a highly regarded independent laboratory and the results support not only the 1,499 percent claim but also the before and after photographs at issue.” They did not, however, provide any evidence for how their mascara is better than sex.

Pop Culture Reporter, Jezebel

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