Natalie Wood’s Death Certificate Quietly Changes from ‘Accident’ to ‘Undetermined’

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Less than a year after the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department reopened the Natalie Wood 1981 drowning case, the L.A. County Coroner filed documents last month, changing Wood's cause of death from "accident" to "undetermined." Investigators had determined that some of the bruises found on Wood's body were inconsistent with a death by drowning, and amended Wood's death certificate to reflect these latest findings. Members of Wood's family were informed of the change on Friday, though investigators insisted that, at this point, they can't definitively prove whether Wood's death was accidental or the result of something more sinister. [TMZ]

  • The Tom Cruise-Katie Holmes ultra mega divorce is probably hastening towards an out of court settlement, mostly because celebrities belonging to wacky cults started by science fiction writers don't like their personal business leaking to the public over the course of a trial. In court, parties cannot be prosecuted for anything they reveal about the marriage, so legal eagles everywhere are speculating that Cruise is pretty eager to settle and keep whatever lurid Scientology secrets he may have all to himself. [E!]
  • Celebrities like Russell Simmons and Fantasia are tweeting their prayers for Usher's 11-year-old stepson Kyle Glover, who was struck on the head by jet ski while he was being towed across a lake in an inner tube. [E!]
  • Meanwhile, Jayden Smith, another famous person's son, turns 14 today. [E!]
  • Jennifer Lopez will be developing a drama for ABC Family about a lesbian couple that brings a teenager into their home, which is already teeming with children. As you can probably tell, the opportunities for lines like, "You're not my real mothers!"are virtually limitless. [THR]
  • Why-are-we-reading-about-this-person Myla Sinanaj has decided not to press forward with her lawsuit against ex-boyfriend and father of her unborn child Kris Humphries because she wants to get back together with him, and, let's be honest, can you really blame her? He's such a charmer... [TMZ]
  • A new biography called Mick: The Wild Life and Mad Genius of Jagger supposedly reveals the scandalous romance between the titular Rolling Stones frontman and former First Lady of La République Carla Bruni. Bruni's sexual magnetism was apparently so strong that Jerry Hall believed she was the one woman who could truly threaten Hall's marriage to Jagger. [NYDN]
  • Ellie Kemper, whom you might recognize either from The Office, Bridesmaids, or both, simultaneously, one playing on your computer and the other on your TV, married writer Michael Koman Saturday in New York. [E!]
  • Rep. Barney Frank married handyman Jim Ready yesterday, and now he never has to worry about getting overcharged by a shiftless contractor again. [NY Times]
  • So Justin Bieber was driving his car like a stuntman from Mad Max because he was being hot-pursued by hoardes of paparazzi. Dennis Zine, the L.A. City Councilman who witnessed the car chase, said that the whole incident reminded him of Princess Diana and has intimated that the photographers following Bieber should have been arrested for reckless driving. [LA Times]
  • The dimwitted car thief that stole Jillian Michaels' Bentley crashed it against a pole and then TMZ took some pictures of the wreck. [TMZ]
  • Edward Ray Fisher, the drummer for OneRepublic, will not be prosecuted for allegedly attacking his girlfriend and her cabinets in May. [TMZ]
  • Gretchen Rossi wants to make a baby, everyone, and she wants to make it with her boyfriend Slade Smiley, who sounds more like a bumbling Dick Tracy villain than an actual human being carrying around genetic material in his loins. [Radar]
  • Michael Palin, former president of the Royal Geographical Society and former diminutive member of a defunct British comedy troupe, thinks that kids should learn more about geography by going on more field trips. [Telegraph]
  • Angelina Jolie, who really ought to play Carmen Sandiego, was named an Honorary Citizen of Sarajevo at the 18th annual Sarajevo Film Festival, where she also demonstrated her general terrificness by displaying the engagement ring she received from some aging Hollywood stoner. [E!]
  • Susan Sarandon was a little more charitable with the lifetime achievement award she received at the Karlovy Vary International Film Festival in the Czech Republic — she dedicated it to the late Nora Ephron. [BBC]
  • Susan Boyle received an honorary doctorate and probably a sweet campus gift shop hoodie from Edinburgh's Queen Margaret University for her contribution "to the creative industries." [BBC]
  • Mickey Mouse and Winnie the Pooh performed at a concert for North Korea's new Little Lord Fauntleroy, Kim Jong Un. [AP via Yahoo]


Bloody hell, those poor kids. Jet skis freak me out a bit. Can anyone drive them?