Natalie Portman Is Pregnant, Engaged

Natalie Portman's rep has confirmed to People that the actress is pregnant and engaged to Black Swan choreographer Benjamin Millepied. All other tabloid editors are kicking themselves right about now for failing to detect the baby bump.

More than almost any young actress, Portman has managed to manage stardom on her own terms, and apparently this extends to not being stalked by tabloid baby fever or wedding bell frenzy.


Portman and Millepied started dating last year, while shooting Black Swan; the French-born Millepied is a principal at the New York City Ballet and a choreographer who worked on the film. He also briefly appears onscreen as the dance partner of both Portman and Kunis. Here's a photo of them together from the Venice Film Festival premiere of Black Swan.

Also, he is really hot.


People says the baby is due "in 2011." (We're glad to know that 1) Portman hasn't managed to conceal a baby due in the next week and 2) She won't be pregnant for 13 months.) Mazel tov to both of them!

Natalie Portman Is Pregnant, Engaged [People]

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