Image via New York Magazine
Image via New York Magazine

Moonlight’s Naomie Harris looks sublime in hot pink (a Céline dress) on the cover of New York’s spring fashion issue, where she talks about “regressive” anti-immigration sentiments and about this year’s black Academy Award nominees being mistakenly viewed as a response to the embarrassing all-white Oscars of 2016.


In the cover story, Harris makes a conscious note that while it’s great to have so many black actors in categories this time around (Moonlight, Fences, Hidden Figures), people have been too quick to congratulate Hollywood for its apparent response to last year’s whitewashing. Harris, who’s nominated for best supporting actress, tells the mag:

“I know that everyone thinks this year is a response to that whole campaign. When, in fact, these films were in production or preproduction for years before all of this. So they aren’t actually a response to that whole argument. So I don’t like the way that they’re used as a response to that. And people are saying, you know, ‘Isn’t it amazing in a year how things have changed as a result of that campaign?’”

She cautions against such complacency.

Harris also references Trump’s immigration ban in the story, accurately describing anti-immigrant views as “madness” and “regressive”:

As the child of immigrants (Harris’s mother came to Britain from Jamaica at the age of 5; her father hails from Trinidad), she is “massively” worried by the anti-immigrant rhetoric of politicians in both America and Britain: “Because the whole foundation of these countries — America in particular — is based on immigration. Britain wouldn’t be the country it is without immigration. So it’s madness. It just seems so retrograde to talk about these ideas now, at a time when the world is just becoming smaller and more interconnected. And now, to want to take a step backward, almost to the dark ages, where, you know, ‘We want monocultures and mono-races,’ it just seems really … yeah, regressive. And very sad.”


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Seriously… Its like half of America watched a scary movie named ISIS and now they won’t fucking turn off the lights and go to bed. It is madness. It is regressive. All this shit is such a waste of time.

Fucking amateurs.