Naomi Wolf Arrested At Occupy Wall Street Protest

A familiar face was among the dozen or so people arrested last night at Occupy Wall Street. Naomi Wolf, who writes for the Huffington Post, was attending an event where New York Governor Andrew Cuomo was presented with the site's "Game Changer of the Year Award." About 50 protesters showed up and when Wolf heard police telling them they needed a permit to use a megaphone, she intervened to say that the permit requirement wasn't true. Wolf was warned several times that she'd be arrested for demonstrating without a permit, and when she didn't back down she was cuffed.

On her Facebook page, Wolf writes:

Here is video of the arrest. You see that I was standing completely still and speaking very calmly to the officer, on a sidewalk that the permit specified protesters could march if they did not obstruct foot traffic which they were not; they were in single file and there was about twelve feet on either side of them/us. My arrest was for 'disorderly conduct.' PLease decide for yourself if my completely still position, calm voice and compliance with what I knew to be the terms of the permit can be construed in that way.


In another post, she adds:

Also: some press reports say that I was arrested because I ignored police warnings to get off the sidewalk or that I was arrested for using a megaphone without a permit. Both of these are untrue. I told the protesters that the NYC permit requirement that states that using a megaphone is illegal (though the officer who arrested me used a megaphone) is an unverifiable untransparent requirement because it is basically made up by the administration, permits can be denied with no recourse for any reason, and that we have the right to freedom of speech and assembly. I also did not 'ignore' police warnings to get off the street. I DISAGREED with them because I knew the law and I knew that they were misinterpreting or misrepresenting the permit in question. There is no requirement in the permit to 'get off the street' if you are not obstructing traffic.

During the dispute, an officer well versed in cop clichés actually told her to "tell it to the judge."

Image via Mike Shane/ANIMAL NewYork.

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When my bf and I started dating a couple of years ago, we took a rare night off from being glued together (man that was a fun stage), and I took advantage to wallow in a bath with a book and a glass of wine in preparation for an early night (what, I was sleep deprived at that point!). ANYway, mid way through my first glass, I get a call - he's handcuffed and locked in the back of a cop car, but has somehow managed to wrangle his cell phone out of his back pocket and call me on it (and this was a shitty little flip phone, no voice command, nothing). He'd been arrested for doing the exact same thing (in Canada!). He was a student union president and had protested the illegal eviction and forcible arrest of a student from a student facility where he had a right to be. The cop was apparently off his head with rage and started screaming at all the students gathered nearby, and my boyfriend's calm though confrontational approach (like Wolf, he kept telling the cop what he was doing/saying were incorrect), sent him over the edge. And yes, I know there are good cops out there, but it always seems to be the assholes who end up dealing with people in delicate situations. You'd think they would be more strategic about assigning officers since they always come out looking like idiots...