Naomi Watts Is Appropriately Tragic and Pretty in Diana Trailer

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Lo! Here's the first trailer for the Princess Diana biopic Diana. The film will follow her life following her divorce from Prince Charles, primarily focusing on her humanitarian work, fraught relationship with the paparazzi and her relationship with heart surgeon Dr. Hasnat Khan, who was said to be the love of her life (according to people who say such things, anyhow).

From the looks of the teaser, the film's depiction of the People's Princess falls right in line with what we already know about her — that she was brave, kind, beautiful and seemed constantly surrounded by an air of tragedy. That's all well and good (seriously!), but hopefully the movie ends up being a bit more complex than footage of Naomi Watts walking through a minefield. I'm going to guess that the film doesn't delve into the part of her life when Freddie Mercury was dressing her as a dude and taking her to gay bars, which will be disappointing.

(And no, that isn't Journey playing in the trailer, but I thought it was, too, at first.)

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Joseph Finn

Sadly, this movie and Queen get all the promotion and accolades while The Lady, starring Michelle Yeoh as Aung San Suu Kyi just gets ignored since Kyi is only a Nobel-prize winning peace activist, politician and political prisoner and Diana and Elizabeth Windsor get to sponge off a country and look all pretty doing it.

So yeah, let's make a movie about Diana.