Earlier this morning the Today Show ran a segments where they brought in "experts" to weigh in on some of the "hottest headlines." Star Jones, Donny Deutsch, and Dr. Nancy Snyderman (you know, the one who called Mommyrexia an "obnoxious, Upper East Side, white girl problem") showed up, so we assume the real experts were out of town? Anyhow, when it came time to discuss the "growing trend" of women seeking out sugar daddies through the internet, things got explosive.


Literally as soon as the topic was done being explained, Dr. Snyderman blurted out, "they're hookers." The rookie anchor responded with "you just took my breath away," and Star Jones jumped in with "legally, they're not prostitutes, legally. Ethically, morally, and in my neighborhood ... my mother would call you a ho." Whoa, there! In a bizarre turn of events, we found ourselves actually siding with Donny Deutsch:

Deutsch: "Shame on us for passing judgement. If a young woman makes the decision that the way she's going to get through college ... and if an older man wants to look like a jerk being with a younger woman, that's their choice. ...Everything in life is some kind of transaction, it's not ideal ... but who are we to sit in judgement if this girls ends up going to medical school and that's the way she does it?


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