Nancy Pelosi Gives Tortured Explanation of Torture Knowledge

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  • Nancy Pelosi admits she knew about waterboarding, but says her job was to get Democrats elected... and accused the CIA of lying to her. [Washington Post]
  • While you're in the midst of feeling disappointed, don't forget that Barack Obama has promised to keep prosecuting Gitmo detainees in special military tribunals. (And, in an undisclosed location, Dick Cheney jizzes in his pants.) [CBS News]
  • BTW: The CIA is refusing to declassify the documents Cheney wanted. [Politico]
  • Attorney Eric Holder admits they're keeping tribunals because Republicans have convinced people that, without military tribunals, Gitmo detainees will be chillin' in Kansas. [Newsday]
  • Defense Secretary Robert Gates is way less gleeful than his predecessor, Donald Rumsfeld, about sending Americans off to die. [Time]
  • We're still going to keep funding those wars! [Washington Post]
  • By the way, that whole "insurers are going to gouge you marginally less" thing Obama was touting? The health insurance industry is now saying its not going to keep to it. [NY Times]
  • Right-wing crazy Michael Savage wants Hillary Clinton to convince the British government that he's not a hate-monger. Ha! [ThinkProgress]
  • Prosecutors will be interviewing Karl Rove today, and Karl Rove will say nothing useful to anyone but himself. [Washington Post]
  • Arlen Specter's 2010 Democratic opponent has dropped out of the race. [Huffington Post]
  • In unrelated news, Specter has indicated he'll probably be willing to back the Employee Free Choice Act for that sweet (and slightly-sweaty) union embrace. [Huffington Post]
  • Oh god: Teabagging 2.0? [ThinkProgress]
  • Not surprisingly, one of the founders of the "movement "is a tax cheat who really, really doesn't want to have to pay. [TeaBlogging]


Erin Gloria Ryan

The insurance industry: a giant, bloated group of companies that don't even try to make it look like they're doing anyone any good, except for in those commercials where The Cranberries play in the background or those vague ones with Dennis Hopper talking about Defining Your Dreams (R).

I started my financial career working for an insurance company that masquerades as a "financial advisory" company, and it's completely all about the bottom line, even at an individual employee level. I still have nightmares about some of the things my boss asked me to do to clients and how to convince them that they "need" more expensive insurance than they ACTUALLY need. And the people who REALLY need insurance (sick people) can't get insured! It's like a car driving club who lets you use a car if you submit a lengthy application before each use, and if you end up getting a job with a long road commute, denying you a vehicle and kicking you out of the car driving club.

I feel queasy. How did insurance ever become so powerful?