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Nancy Pelosi Gets Flower-Bombed For Her Birthday

The only thing that's more fun than a photo bomb is a flower bomb.


For her 70th birthday today, the readers of DailyKos sent Nancy Pelosi over 2600 roses. She forwarded half of them to Walter Reed hospital, and the other half will be distributed to Hill staffers. In the video above, her thanks.

Another present for Speaker Pelosi: a well-researched op-ed in The Los Angeles Times arguing that she is the most effective Speaker in two centuries:

When it comes to being a speaker — the presiding officer of the House of Representatives and the leader of its majority party — Pelosi is without peer. No speaker in the past century has played such a key role in enacting major reforms. No speaker since Henry Clay, who wielded the gavel in the 1810s and '20s, has had so great an effect on American life.


Hear, hear.

Roses, Not Rocks! [DailyKos]
Nancy Pelosi: It's Her House [LAT]

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Why 2600, exactly?

I love Nancy; she's a great example of a Democrat with a backbone. But is there some significance to the number 2600?