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Nancy, Just Get Your Hair Done At Home

We may earn a commission from links on this page.
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Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi took a solo trip to a hair salon in San Francisco on Monday. By Tuesday, Fox News released video footage showing Pelosi in the hair salon, with her mask around her neck instead of on her face.

The Associated Press reports that Pelosi’s spokesperson says she was complying with pandemic-relates restrictions as they were presented to her by eSalon. “This business offered for the Speaker to come in on Monday and told her they were allowed by the city to have one customer at a time in the business... The Speaker complied with the rules as presented to her by this establishment.”

Still, it’s confusing that no one on Pelosi’s team bothered to do even the slightest bit of research on the covid-19 business precautions in California? Google dot com is free, you know.

The salon owner said she rents chairs to stylists, one of whom let her know in advance that Pelosi wanted a wash and a blow dry. Outdoor haircuts are allowed in California, but indoor salons have not reopened. The owner said she considered the service “a slap in the face” to business owners who have been forced to close.


Of course the real question is, why didn’t Nancy just have someone come to her home to do her hair in private—like every other rich person! Sure, it’s not the safest practice to invite someone into your home/airbnb/hotel room during a pandemic, but rich people have been having parties and traveling across the world for several months now, they are clearly not concerned about “best pandemic practices.”

In the midst of a global pandemic and an election season where the Democrats are struggling to get anything done, it’s foolish that the Speaker of the House is failing to do something as simple as learning the covid-19 restrictions in the area where she’s traveling. Particularly during a year where many voters have expressed feeling “meh” about the Democratic ticket for this coming fall, it wouldn’t hurt if the party made even just the tiniest effort.