Nancy Grace's New Crime Website Is Somehow Not Called

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On Tuesday morning, former TV host and human smoke alarm Nancy Grace revealed the next evolution of her trademark, guilty-before-proven-innocent approach to true crime reporting: a new website she has described as “the go-to for crime sleuths and people who want knowledge about crime and crime fighting.”

That Grace decided to reveal this on Wendy Williams’s talk show is not surprising, as the two are long-time friends. Also unsurprising is the fact that the website’s top stories are about women (the Kim Kardashian jewelry heist, “Kidnap Mom” Sherri Papini, and a “mom-daughter daycare duo” who pleaded guilty to leaving children unattended while under their care.

No, what’s surprising is that the hideously designed site has a name as innocuous and uninspired as Why not something more exciting like Or What about I’m so disappointed.


Anyway, Business Insider reports the site (may I mention how ugly it is again?) “will feature stories on various criminal cases, provide information on missing people, and offer resources for readers to combat things like consumer fraud or locate sex offenders who may live nearby.”

Grace is also starting a podcast, so turn your volume down in advance.

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