Illustration for article titled Names Of Casey Anthony Jurors Released, Media Harassment Ensues

Three months ago, Judge Belvin Perry postponed the release of the names of the jurors who found Casey Anthony not guilty of first-degree murder. Perry said he wanted to let the media frenzy die down because some jurors were receiving death threats and most told him they "were adamant about their desire not to contact the media or appear on TV shows even though they could have received handsome payment for their time and effort."

Today they media descended on their homes, despite the fact that most have still shown no interest in giving interviews. The Orlando Sentinel reports:

Sentinel reporters and a photographer have been knocking on doors throughout Pinellas County today, searching for the jurors. Many knocks went unanswered, and some neighbors said their juror neighbors had left town.


Buck up guys, they can't hide out forever! And in the meantime, it seems you're already amusing yourselves by consulting with experts about which juror is most likely to talk. (It's juror 11, whose full name and profession has now been printed in the paper.)

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