Name Sarah Palin's Cross Country Bus Tour

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Former Governor, former Vice Presidential Candidate, and current Regular Run of the Mill Asshole Sarah Palin has been busy lately. From maybe possibly buying a house in Arizona to maybe possibly cockblocking her wayward baby-having Teen Abstinence Expert daughter Bristol to fueling speculation that she may run for President, it's a miracle she has time to put a Bumpit in her hair every morning, much less go on a nationwide bus tour.


But these are crazy times we're living in, and Sarah Palin is no ordinary non-governor. While she has millions of dollars and a seemingly endless capacity to not feel ashamed, what she doesn't have is a proper name for her tour. Let's fix that by christening her tour with something worthy of the Palin machine.

Remember, the hopes of this Great Nation of ours rest on Sarah Palin's miniature American flag pin encrusted shoulderpads. To get the brain juices flowing, here are some suggestions.

- The Magic Fool Bus
- I'm Just Happy To Be Here in Real America Where Our Servicemen and Women Work So Hard For Those Values We And Our Founding Fathers Felt Were So Important To This Great Nation, As the Second Amendment States, So That We Can Work For The Solutions And Provide Jobs To Those Of Us Who Have Worked Hard And Put In Our Time
- Refueliate America Tour
- Blood Libel II: Blood Libeler
- Idiotarod
- Half Baked Alaska
- Palin 2012: The Amazing DisgRace
- The Fame Monster


Professor Pink

The Stephen Colbert Cross Country Bus Tour.