Mystery: Did Congresswoman Ann Wagner Eat a Booger?

Remember when your little brother would eat his boogers in public and you’d want to die? Well, a member of Congress looks like she did the same thing on live television. Live television!


Representative Ann Wagner (R-Mo) was caught on camera clipping her nose with her fingers and then sticking a lone finger into her mouth and it’s not clear why she would do that unless… she found something during her nose meeting and deposited it elsewhere?

Over at the Daily Dot, they even called Wagner’s office for comment about her finger’s mission but alas, no response. However an editor at the television station Fox 2 where Wagner appeared did call back.

“It looked bizarre to me,” Joe Lamie, managing editor at Fox 2, told the Daily Dot, adding that his staff who looked it over after it went viral didn’t think the footage appeared doctored. “Everybody here thought she was trying to do the lipstick off the teeth routine,” he said.


Highly possible, actually.

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I REALLY REALLY REALLY want this to be real. She is my representative and is terrible. She is anti-choice, pro-war, pro-gun, and refuses to actually meet with constituents unless you are a big donor. She now fancies herself as someone with a heart because she has been championing human trafficking legislation. But I have a feeling she is approaching it from the anti-sex worker angle. And she put in that provision denying sex trafficking victims access to reproductive care.

TL;DR, she sucks donkeys.