My Super Sweet 16 Is Coming Back To Terrify You With the Next Generation

The original My Super Sweet 16 aired from 2005-2008, and in the last ten years teens have really figured out what makes good content.

The reboot for the MTV series won’t just be focusing on all the wild dramatics of a 16-year-old celebrating the biggest party of their lives until they turn 18 and then 21. We can also expect “Quinceañeras, debutante balls, ‘Bro Mitzvahs’ and more” from the series, which sounds like too much celebration to me, personally! In fact, I refuse to look up what a “Bro Mitzvah” actually is and will assume it’s the first time you sexually harass a woman with a group of friends.

MTV isn’t stopping there. Deadline reports that casting for a new series titled Promposal began in January, and it will be running back to back with My Super Sweet 16. That’s a big block of programming dedicated to watching teenagers getting worked up about shit they’ll forget in a year. Promposal will follow “the most creative, most romantic, most over the top and outrageous promposals ever imagined,” if you are completely unfamiliar with the Internet.


My Super Sweet 16 premieres on May 14, and I expect a lot from 2017's teens. They have a long legacy to live up to, and a well-developed understanding of personal branding.

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I would really like a _My Super Sweet 16: Where are they now?_ with all the original spoiled brats.