My Feet Hurt Just Looking at the Shoes on Selling Sunset

There are many players fighting for lead stardom on Selling Sunset. There’s Chrishell Stause, the good girl whose recent shock of divorce made her the indisputable main character in Season 3. There’s Christine Quinn, the statuesque, platinum blonde villain whose rude commentary gets a pass because of how fun you know she has dishing it. And then there are... the shoes.

When I started binging Netflix’s Selling Sunset a month or so ago, I was sold at first twilight listing (and also seeing Mary play indecipherable conversational ping-pong with her himbo now-husband Romain, but that’s another blog). But I kept getting distracted by how much this show loves a shoe shot. The realtors of the show, which is equal parts office drama and real estate reality TV porn, dress above and beyond business attire for their listings. Tall stilettos seem to be a requirement, which the show makes sure to zoom in on for every occasion. The Selling Sunset stars get their shoes stuck in mud, grass, wooden deck flooring, and somehow these mishaps make it into the episodes.


Maybe the cinematographer has a foot thing, maybe shoe shots just make for the perfect filler footage when they need to splice spicy dialogue into a scene. All I know is that my feet, which have never encountered a heel higher than three inches, are sore just from watching the women of Selling Sunset teeter around Beverly Hills mansions in their crazy shoes.

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This is not real life. Reality TV is staged, constructed, scripted (loosely) and manipulated. It is not real. These women put these shoes on to show houses and when they are being filmed. And they know when they are being filmed. Their day is scheduled to include filming. Hair and make up is brought in. They get into their positioned and someone says go.

They are not standing in these shoes all day.

Btw, even the shot of someone taking off their heels to put on flip flops in the clip above, is staged. The camera man isn’t just on the floor by accident.