My Dream of Voicing a Dog in a Wes Anderson Movie Might Finally Come True

Image via screengrab.
Image via screengrab.

This is it, everyone. Bobby Finger’s big moment. After years of assuming my prayers had been falling on deaf ears, I’ve learned that the gods—wherever they are—were listening. Because thanks to a video uploaded Wednesday by the legendary director himself, I now know that my dream of voicing a dog in an animated Wes Anderson movie could finally come true.

Writes The Daily Dot:

In a video announcing Isle of Dogs, his first stop-motion animated film since Fantastic Mr. Fox, Anderson teamed up with crowdfunding site Crowdrise to raise money for the Film Foundation, Martin Scorsese’s nonprofit that aims to protect and preserve film history. Donations will give you chances to win the top prizes, and the more money you donate the more chances you get. At the end of the fundraiser, winners will be drawn at random to win prizes, which include books and DVDs signed by Anderson. One lucky donor will win a trip for two to London, tour the production, and voice a dog in the film. (This may require barking, howling, and whimpering.)


These details are particularly shocking to me, as the scenario I always found myself imagining when longing to voice a dog in a Wes Anderson movie also involved winning a raffle organized by a famous director’s nonprofit, only instead of Martin Scorsese’s organization that “aims to protect and preserves film history,” it was Penny Marshall’s organization that aimed to protect and preserve Penny Marshall. But this is close enough!

Folks, I’ve got a good feeling about this.

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we’re all pulling fur ya, bobby.