Must-Watch: Baby Genius Recites Tennyson From Memory

Unless you happen to work in a zoo populated exclusively by baby animals, this is the cutest thing you will see today: A three-year-old boy recites Tennyson's poem The Eagle from memory while dressed as superman. But wait! There's more.

The little fella also knows Billy Collins:

This superman makes Reading Rainbow look like amateur hour.

Sure, he's probably been coached, but the YouTube user who posted both clips claims her son "loves poetry and loves to memorize." And while the baby video meme was getting sort of old (even if we still can't always resist the cute, I'd venture that "Single Ladies" more or less pushed the genre over the edge), there is nothing better than seeing the start of a future literature major. Whether he knows it or not, this kid is learning something worthwhile—and possibly becoming internet-famous in the process.

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Maybe this will signal the long overdue return of poetry to its rightful place in our culture. But probably not.