It's important that we women and minorities check our privilege every once and awhile. While we're all living the good life over on Easy Street, there's an entire demographic โ€” the American white male โ€” that's suffering from the wage gap (it's hard being paid more than everyone else), racial profiling (do you know how invisible you feel when no one follows you around a store because they suspect you of stealing based only on your skin color?), the pressures that come with ruling society (heavy hangs the head...) and a whole mess of other social issues.

On last night's Colbert Report, Stephen's broadcast was interrupted by a very serious Oppressed White Male Alert. This distress signal came all the way from the opposite side of the country where San Diego mayor Bob Filner is currently facing a multitude of sexual harassment charges. Won't anyone stand up for this wealthy, politically powerful creep? Always there to give a voice to already-loud-voice-havers, Stephen is up for the job.

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