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Must Increase My Bust

Illustration for article titled Must Increase My Bust

A British doctor has developed a way to increase breast size without implants. The "ultimate breast enlargement operation" is good news for the 55% of women who want a change. And the third of men willing to pay. [Telegraph, Sun]


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As a "nearly A" cup with big hips I definitely wish my breasts were bigger. However, I'd be totally happy with a B cup and not much more. I've seen my friends with large breasts deal with harassment, back pain and finding bras that fit.

My desire has nothing to do with wanting to conform to beauty standards or thinking that no guy will ever love me because I'm flat chested; but a personal desire for symmetry.

That being said, I don't think I'd ever actually get cosmetic surgery. I'd rather spend the money on travel or my education. Plus, how lame would it be to die because I wanted bigger boobs?