All-American Muslim's Nina Bazzy does not wear a hijab or abaya — she prefers her ensembles to be tight and short. She's a successful party planner, and wants to open a club, but her parents consider that to be preposterous, because she is a woman. Her mother told her that a woman needs to be home with her family; when Nina asked if it would be different if she were a man, the answer was yes, of course. It was interesting to watch the dynamic between Nina and her mother as Nina tried to get dressed to go to the mosque. She obviously wants to please her parents, but she also loves her low-cut stretch tanks and high heels, and feels like there's not a lot of freedom for a traditional/conservative Muslim woman. When she and the other castmembers sat on a couch discussing the rules of Islam and its restrictions as a religion, Coach Zaban said, "I feel that it's very simple and easy to follow." The camera cut to Nina, giving a subtle stinkeye. Coach Zaban doesn't have to cover his hair. No one is telling Coach Zaban what kind of business he can and cannot run.