Murderer in Indiana Sentenced to 65 Years In Prison After Stabbing Classmate Pregnant With His Child

Aaron Trejo
Aaron Trejo
Image: AP

Aaron Trejo, a high school football player in Mishawaka, Indiana has been sentenced to 65 years in prison following the murder of Breana Rouhselang, a classmate who was pregnant with Trejo’s child.


In 2018 Rouhselang went to meet Trejo in an alley behind her house only to find him there, armed with a kitchen knife. Trejo admitted to strangling Rouhselang and then stabbing her, and hiding her body in a dumpster with a garbage bag over her face. He initially denied knowing where Rouhselang was when questioned by her mother, later confessing what had occurred to the police. “I took action,” Trejo told a detective. “I took her life.” 

The reason he gave was that Rouhselang was too far along in her pregnancy to have an abortion by the time she informed Trejo she was pregnant. 55 years of his sentence are for the murder of Breana while 10 consecutive years are for the murder of the unborn child.


Judge Elizabeth Hurley said that it’s likely Trejo will serve 75% of his sentence, meaning that he would be about 67 years old if released. He was 16 when he committed the murder.

“All I just want to say is I’m glad we got justice for Bre, but no amount of time will ever replace what he took from me.” said Melissa Wallace, Rouhselang’s mother, “My hate isn’t towards the family, it’s towards him, it was his actions that took my girls, but we did get justice.”

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