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Women earn less than men. Our bodies are more confusing (ah! So many tubes and folds!). We can't do as many pull ups. But there's one way in which we're totally better than men, at least according to one prominent forensic psychologist: Murder. GIRL POWER! WE'VE DONE IT!


Der Spiegel's Rainer Leurs interviewed Sigrun Rossmanith, a forensic psychologist who has treated many women who kill. And from her experience, ladies are a lot more sophisticated and creative about the way they choose to ruthlessly murder people than their male counterparts.

Men who kill often use brute force to do it, and they sometimes kill strangers. Ugh, how gauche. Because of their comparative lack of size and strength, says Rossmanith, women must often incapacitate their victims. And female murderers' victims are rarely strangers.


Then, there's this:

SPIEGEL ONLINE: In public there is actually very little talk about female murderers. You write that feminism is the reason for this. Could a male author have allowed himself to say that?

Rossmanith: I think I could only allow myself to write that because I'm a woman. But you know, I am a fan of feminism: It has achieved a lot. It only troubled me that women are always being depicted as more amiable and less prone to violence. In my experience that is simply not the case.

Don't listen to feminism; you can kill just as well as the boys! Happy stabbings, ladies!!!

[Der Spiegel]

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