Mumbai Politicians Hope to Solve Rape Problem by Banning Mannequins

Illustration for article titled Mumbai Politicians Hope to Solve Rape Problem by Banning Mannequins

Mumbai wants to ban lingerie-clad mannequins because the dummies might provoke men to rape real women. Cool plan, bros.


The AP reports that Mumbai's municipal council "overwhelmingly" passed a resolution last month prohibiting stores from displaying their goods with skimpily dressed mannequins outside — inside is alright, because men don't rape under the influence of air-conditioning. The municipal commissioner hasn't approved the resolution yet, and hopefully he won't, because it implies that women (even fake women!) are to blame for tempting men.

"We are living in the 21st century where these kinds of things, all porn, the movies, the pictures, all these things are available on websites, available on mobiles. (A) mannequin hardly makes any difference to the people," said Viren Shah, president of the Federation of Retail Traders' Welfare Association.

Also, inconveniently flesh-and-blood women. Walking around. So don't punish them or their plastic counterparts; it sends the wrong message and also won't work.




As a a born (and sort of raised) Indian woman, I find these sorts of stories so disheartening. I just spent a week in New Delhi, where it was 45 degrees centigrade. I was relatively covered up, but got leered at by men CONSTANTLY.

I lost my boyfriend at the supermarket, and was immediately swarmed and cornered by a group of young men, while a security guard, and dozens of other customers just stood by and smirked (I guess it was my fault for having bare lower legs). I had to be "rescued". It was so frightening and humiliating.

When I went to visit my friend at his office, he had to check what I was wearing before he let me come inside and be seen by his male colleagues. It was so stressful, and it broke my heart.

It's not my responsibility to stop myself from being raped. I am not a whore, or asking for it, if I wear (perfectly chaste) cotton dresses in the midst of a massive heatwave. Covering up the fucking MANNEQUINS isn't going to change anything.