Multitasking Mother Pulled Over For Breastfeeding While Driving

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While I am a big supporter of women having the right to breast feed in public, perhaps there are some limits that should be set. Like, say, not breastfeeding and driving at the same time.


Genine Compton of Dayton, Ohio, was pulled over on Thursday morning after police spotted her breastfeeding her baby (and talking on her cell phone!) while driving her other children to school. "If my child's hungry, I'm going to feed it," Compton, who is facing 180 days for child endangerment, says. She also claims she will feed and drive again, if her baby requires it. Genine! If your baby needs to eat, that's fine. But it's probably best for both of you if you stop the car and get off the phone first, no? [WHIO.TV]



I remember reading about a lady (also in Ohio, although she was from Michigan)who was caught driving on the Turnpike while breastfeeding and her defense was "My husband told me to do it and the bible says I have to do what my husband says."

Head, meet desk.

Ohio, why must you always be the setting for these stories? ***Says someone born and raised in Ohio. Really, we are not all like this...