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Multiple Students Stabbed at Pennsylvania High School

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Numerous students were stabbed at Franklin Regional High School, in Western Pennsylvania, this morning. Police report the suspect, a male student at the school, is in custody.

Update: Dan Stevens, a public safety spokesperson, told WTAE Pittsburgh that though 20 students have been confirmed as injured and four were airlifted out to local hospitals, none of them appear to be in life-threatening condition at this point. The scene is now contained and all students have been moved to another facility.

A witness tells CBS Pittsburgh that the stabbing happened in the science wing of the building; the school is releasing students to their parents.

The school has issued a statement via its website:

A critical incident has occurred at the high school. All elementary schools are cancelled, the middle school and high school students are secure. Additional information will be released as soon as possible. Please keep our campus clear of traffic.

Update: WPIX is reporting that seven of the injuries are life-threatening, though they expect those victims to survive.

Update: A female student applied pressure to her friend's wound after her classmate was stabbed, perhaps saving a life.

Update: The suspect is being reported as a16-year-old male Sophomore but his name has not been released; some news outlets are waiting until police make a statement. He has been taken to the hospital for his own injuries. He was reportedly carrying two knives down the school hallway early this morning before first period when he began stabbing people. Then, a fire alarm was pulled and an assistant school principal actually apprehended the suspect before police arrived on the scene.

The final injury count appears to be 19 students and one security guard.