Mulder and Scully Totally Made Out Onstage in New York Last Night

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Ooh—what do we have here? David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson sitting in a tree, or maybe atop a nightclub stage?

Okay, so I guess what’s happening here is not “making out” as much as it is an “awkward peck,” but one must speculate: 1. is it an awkward peck because they’re trying to stir up interest in advance of The X Factor’s scheduled summer run and they dislike each other otherwise? 2. is it an awkward peck because they have a sibling thing going on, and kissing your bro/sis is just weird? 3. ARE THEY BONING? I mean just say if you are, guys. You can tell me. Or don’t say it and allow your fans to continue to speculate for another 20 years.

The night was all jokes, reports the New York Times:

“Can we play some real music please?” Anderson joked, joining in when Duchovny and his band returned for an encore performance at The Cutting Room.

“Is there anything you’re in the mood for perhaps?” the actor asked the actress, who replied, “Do you guys know ‘Helpless?’”


(They are SO boning.)

If nothing else, we have clarity on the kind of guy that David Duchovny is: one who plays a Neil Young cover at his own album release party.

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