Mothers Boycott Johnny Rockets After Breastfeeding Debacle

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  • A group of women got together in Kentucky to protest the anti-breastfeeding practices of a local Johnny Rockets. The manager of the Newport restaurant tried to make a mother feed her baby in the bathroom, which is illegal in Kentucky.
  • An Amish teen has been charged faces charges of alcohol possession and "overdriving an animal" after cops caught him running amuck in his horse and buggy. Levi E. Detweiler, 17, was spotted late Monday night running a red light before he crashed his getaway vehicle into a ditch.
  • A Nigerian couple living in London have given birth to a baby with blue eyes and blonde hair. They named their oddly-pale child Nmachi, which means "Beauty of God." Geneticists are baffled as to how the child came to look so different from her parents, neither of whom has any mixed-race family history.
  • Ever wondered what is the gayest city in America? Probably not, since San Francisco isn't exactly a closeted place, but there are some surprises on this list, from the Daily Beast including Dallas, Columbus, and Springfield, Massachusetts.
  • A new study gives us yet another reason to put off cleaning the toilet: according to researchers, the regular use of basic cleaning products may double your risk of developing breast cancer. Other risky products include air fresheners and mold removers. Insect repellent, however, is safe to spray.
  • "I speak from experience when I say that the work of Afghan women and civil society groups will be essential to this country's success," Hillary Clinton told reporters at a press conference in Kabul. "If these groups are fully empowered to help build a just and lasting peace, they will help do so. If they are silenced and pushed to the margins of Afghan society, the prospects for peace and justice will be subverted." Clinton went on to pledge her "personal commitment" to the cause of women's rights in the war-torn region.
  • According to a recent survey, a third of UK women are the breadwinners in their households. The Women and Work Survey revealed that almost half of women were either out-earning their partners or earning as much. Furthermore, 40% of women believed that the "highest earner" would take precedence in the future, regardless of gender.
  • The New York Times breaks down the differences in reproduction in birds and mammals. Interestingly, male birds are the ones with two of the same chromosomes (ZZ, compared to the human female XX) while females are mixed (WZ). Also cool: the X chromosome actually has sperm-related genes, so it's not really the "female chromosome."

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Fuck Johnny Rockets' manager, and fuck everyone who thinks that babies don't have the right to eat wherever they damn well please. I'm not a tits out wherever I am kinda gal, I made myself a few nursing shirts, etc, so I didn't have to expose everything - including my post partum tummy - to the world, but damn. Let the babies eat!

I actually had a nurse in an ER come and cover me up with a blanket because I was nursing. I asked her what she was doing, and she said it wasn't right of me to do that. Now, it was about 100 degrees in there (heat on, it was winter) and I was dressed for the weather, so I was already boiling. I stood up, went to every person in the waiting room with a child present, and asked if they minded if I breastfed. Not a one said they cared, and all but one said they hadn't even noticed. So I told the nurse to suck it. (not my boob, just to clarify) I'm not an ass - if there had been someone there who was concerned about their kid possibly seeing my breast, I would have moved to a spot they couldn't see it from, but that's about the only concession I can see making. Sick fucking people. And those are the same people who wonder why we have an obesity epidemic and why WIC buys so much baby formula, etc etc etc.