Mother Gives Newborn Baby To Firefighters

A 27 year old California woman handed her hours-old infant over to firefighters on Christmas Eve. The baby, nicknamed "Noel" by the temporary caretakers, has been taken into protective custody.

In California, women can surrender infants or children at fire and police stations without fear of legal repercussions. The law was designed to protect children from potentially dangerous situations, and the baby appears to be in perfect health.

(I wish for the best for little Noel and for the woman driven to give up her newborn child on Christmas Eve and I don't wish to diminish at all the seriousness of the situation, but I can't help but feel disappointed that the firefighters had to hand the baby over to protective custody. Can you imagine the sitcom cliche-worthy hijinks that would arise in a Baby + Firemen type situation? A montage of manly firemen shopping for girly little baby clothes! Firemen playing tea party with a bossy little girl! Firemen lining up, arms crossed, to intimidate Noel's first suitor. Little girl rescuing family of kittens from a fire! Such a missed opportunity.)

Mother Gives Hours Old Baby To California Firefighters [CNN]

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