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If you want to date your son's high school best friend, I guess that's your prerogative. But...why are you telling your story to the Daily Mail?


The story itself is pretty straightforward: Olli and Theo are best friends. When the boys are 20, Theo and Olli's mom develop feelings for each other. People judge; Olli is hurt and angry; but, seven years later, they're going strong and everyone's friends.

Okay: yes, it's a little weird to think of this happening with your parent and, let's face it, if the sexes were reversed it would feel more than a little creepy. But everyone's an adult and everyone's happy, so...why deliberately sensationalize the story? Sure, we imagine the Fail spends a lot of time trawling for lurid tales — and obviously there's some financial incentive involved — but it's still baffling for people who want (they say) to just live their lives to invite criticism from readership like The Mail's. Do people want approval? Fame? It's hard to know: presumably they provided the photo of the two boys as kids that's creepily stuck in the middle of the piece. And must have known they'd get a title like "The mother who fell in love with her son's best friend (and nearly destroyed her family)."


The Mother Who Fell In Love With Her Son's Best Friend (And Nearly Destroyed Her Family)

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