Morrissey Thinks Lady Gaga Is "Fraudulent", Calls Madonna "McDonna"

Illustration for article titled Morrissey Thinks Lady Gaga Is Fraudulent, Calls Madonna McDonna

Morrissey's response to whether or not he is a fan of Lady Gaga:

"I say without bitterness that it is nothing new. I like the idea of women who are in full control, but I am tired of seeing singers who cannot deliver a song without the aide of 750 frenzied dancers assuming the erotic. It is actually fraudulent, and the exact opposite of erotic."

The 52-year-old musician went on to target Madonna, contrasting the popstar against Edith Piaf.

He stated: "Edith Piaf was seven inches high, always wore a modest black dress, and sang without stage sets or lights, and her voice roared above the wind, with the most incredible powers of communication. I'd like to see McDonna [Madonna] attempt that."


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Not defending Morrissey in particular but I really don't think there is anything wrong with one artist saying another's art is rubbish. While you might find Morrissey whiney and self involved he is going for emotion in a way that neither Lady Gaga nor Madonna do, and it makes sense that given his pursuits, theirs would have little value to him.

And some times people's acts need to be called out. The more Lady Gaga makes herself into a pop messiah the more she needs to hide the low quality of her songs with spectacle. The longer Madonna sticks around the thinner her act is stretched, and her attempts to branch out have generally been half hearted or complete failures. It is okay to criticize them.