More Theaters to Show 12 Years a Slave Following Oscar Win

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More than 1,000 theaters will soon show Best Picture winner 12 Years a Slave, following the film's big win on Sunday night.


According to Variety, theaters are "clamoring to book the film," despite the fact that it is set to be released on DVD this Tuesday.

As of mid-afternoon on Monday, the Fox Searchlight-distributed film had secured more than 1,000 Stateside locations, up from 411 last weekend....The film's Oscar victories, which also included supporting actress and adapted screenplay, could be the final push needed for those on-the-fence filmgoers who have yet to see the film since it first bowed in theaters more than four months ago.

Fox Searchlight now predicts the film, which upset Gravity to nab the top prize at the Academy Awards, could pull in as much as $4 million this weekend, helping it earn more than $50 million domestically. The film, which comes out on DVD March 4, is already available for digital rental and purchase.

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