Since Game of Thrones began, rappers across the spectrum have been paying vehement homage to the show in tweets and interviews, and by 2014 the first official GoT mixtape dropped with original tracks from the likes of Big Boi, Daddy Yankee, Kilo Kish, Common and more. (The second broadened its musical horizons, including Method Man, Ty Dolla $ign, Anthrax, Yandel, Estelle and more.)

While we still have a while before Catch the Throne III inevitably drops, the AV Club has a little something to tide us over: a complete recap of Season 6 by Los Angeles rapper Ras Kass, who applied his exceptional gift for lyricism to one of the most complex, chess-style television plots of all time. Straight television recaps are rarely worth reading unless you don’t feel like watching an episode, especially because recaps are often artless. Having listened to Ras Kass’s take on GoT, though, I am convinced that this is the only way to do them—to turn them into feats of language that are as entertaining as they are useful, and wow is this useful. There’s also some editorializing, which any good recap needs; for instance he raps, “Heartbreaking watching Walter become Hodor/ Is he a White Walker now?/ Face half shredded? Tyrion freed the dragons/the Martells got deaded/by the Sand Snakes/Elleria’s fatal kiss.”


This rap also includes his predictions for Season 7, which begins in July: “Will Jon and Dany marry to unify homes/ Even though she technically his aunt?/ Stranger things have happened, we’re playing the Game of Thrones!” Excellent, nerdy point. Let’s see Matt Zoller Seitz do this shit!