Mo'Nique's Got A Secret Under That Dress

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If you watched Mo'Nique make her way to the stage last night to accept her SAG award, you probably admired how amazing she looked in that dress. But she has a secret under there, and she's not afraid to share.


That secret, ladies, is leg hair. lots of it. She showed it off on the red carpet at the Golden Globes, she's showed it off on The View, she's a leg hair wearer, and she's not ashamed to show it. And — even crazier — that hot man that can barely keep his hands off of her on red carpets (and, we hope, elsewhere) doesn't seem to mind a bit.

Mo'Nique told The View ladies that she doesn't shave because it takes to much time, and is hard on her skin. She says her unshaven legs are "real legs" and the rest of us have just bought into some strange social convention that they aren't attractive or that men won't desire us if we don't keep up with the depillitating Joneses.

Like weight, age, race, ethnicity and every other physical thing under the sun, you can undoubtedly find men that won't desire certain women because they don't shave their legs. Screw those guys (or, rather, don't, as the case may be). There are plenty of skinny, young white depillitated women out there for them to pursue, and you deserve someone who is attracted to you, not some "better" version of you. My partner isn't a big fan of the unshorn legs I regularly sport, but it's yet to kill his attraction to me and his preference for shorn legs has yet to get me to start shaving or killed my attraction to him. Frankly, I haven't shaved those puppies regularly in ten years, and I've never had a guy turn me down because of it — though, admittedly, the kind of guy who allows such rigid physical patriarchal standards to define attractiveness for him isn't going to be attracted to me after speaking to me for five minutes anyway.

Mo'Nique does what works for her, and what works for her seemingly works for her guy, if the many red carpet pictures of the two of them looking like Cheshire cats is any indication. Her secret is she's got a dude that works for her, a wardrobe that makes her look amazing and she's got 30 more minutes to spend on her hair — or, if she's lucky, to spend getting her husband Sidney Hicks to help her massage moisturizer into her back — rather than shaving the legs she doesn't care about leaving hairy. Good for her.

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Just out of curiousity, does anybody out there shave/wax/epilate their arm hair? My friend does it but I've always thought it rather odd, even though I get rid of the other hairs on my body.