Mo'Nique Skips NYFCC Awards, Wins Anyway

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Mo'Nique won a Best Supporting Actress award last night at the 75th annual New York Film Critics Circle dinner. As Roger Friedman reports in his Showbiz 411 column, this made for an interesting turn of events:

It was an odd night for the NYFCC - and this should be noted for future events - because Best Supporting Actress Mo'Nique didn't show up. No one from Precious came to the ceremony, so the group's chief, Armond White, announced the award and moved on. He said, tersely, "The award is hers."


Armond White, as you may recall, is the film critic who claimed that Precious was worse than Norbit and who wrote:

Birth of a Nation glorified the rise of the Ku Klux Klan as a panicky subculture's solution to social change. Precious hyperbolizes the class misery of our nation's left-behinds.


So yeah. It's probably for the best that the cast and crew ignored Mr. White's big night.

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Hahaha! This is priceless. Now I hope all these actors and actresses will stop kissing ass during the award season.

A lot of these awards have not been about the best work, like Harvey Weistein has shown, it is who campaigned best.

The critics too we can do without. Every time that I have gone to see a movie because the critics liked it, I have always been disappointed. They are so petty and review personalities as opposed to the movie they are paid to review.

I know in early December the whispering campagin against Monique started, and God knows, that woman gets on my last nerve, but she has gone up quite a bit in my estimation the way she has refused to play the game.