Monica Lewinsky Bounced From An Interview After Extremely Tired Clinton Question

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Newsflash: the 1990s are over, no matter how on-trend mini backpacks are. And so what’s also over is asking Monica Lewinsky extremely outdated questions about Bill Clinton.

At a conference in Jerusalem on Monday where she talked about “the perils and positives of the Internet,” Lewinsky left the stage after Israeli news anchor Yonit Levi asked an off-limits question, one Levi apparently agreed not to ask. “When she asked me it on stage, with blatant disregard for our agreement, it became clear to me I had been misled,” Lewinsky wrote in a statement posted to Twitter.


The question was if she “still expected a personal apology from Clinton over the fallout from the scandal of their affair 20 years ago,” according to USA Today. Lewinsky reportedly responded “I’m so sorry. I’m not going to be able to do this,” before taking off her mic and quickly leaving.

Levi’s employer The Israeli News Company told CBS News that they “stood up to all of its agreements with Ms. Lewinsky and honored her requests” and “believe the question asked on stage was legitimate and respectful, and one that certainly does not go beyond Ms Lewinsky’s requests and does not cross the line.”

*Picks up the phone* Oh, hello? It’s the 1990s on the phone and they want their interview questions back.

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Does anyone else listen to the podcast Slow Burn? The first season was about Watergate, but they’re in the middle of season 2, about Clinton’s impeachment. I was a teenager when this was all going on, and I’m learning so much about stuff I didn’t realize, or misremembered. And really the main takeaway for me has been just how badly Lewinsky was screwed over by just about everyone.

It’s a really fascinating listen that was put a lot of Clinton’s presidency into a new context for me. And next week’s episode will feature an interview with Linda Tripp, and I’m really curious to see what she has to say all these years later.