Money Can't Buy You Class, But It Can Buy You Luann's Memoir

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Luann de Lesseps has been through a lot: two divorces, rehab, a cabaret career that apparently, somehow, still exists. Now, de Lesseps is going to funnel her experiences into a potentially juicy tell-all memoir.


Page Six reports that de Lesseps’ second book (after her brain-numbing etiquette guide Class with the Countess: How to Live with Elegance and Flair) is based on her diaries. She said:

I’ve been keeping a diary of everything that has happened to me. I’ve been sober for eight months, and the therapists urge you to be honest about yourself. But many of the things written about me have been false, so this book is my chance to lay myself bare and also set the record straight.

Funny, I would have thought having a reality TV show following you around 24/7 for over a decade would negate the need for a diary.

De Lesseps says she doesn’t have a publisher yet and is open to offers. I wonder if she’d take up blogging for us?

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Watching her (this season in particular) has been a fascinating study in narcissism.