Mo'ne Davis, Uzo Aduba and Debbie Harry Kick Ass in Black and White

Illustration for article titled Mone Davis, Uzo Aduba and Debbie Harry Kick Ass in Black and White

Mo'ne Davis, Uzo Aduba, Debbie Harry, Chloe Sevigny, Christy Turlington Burns and more posed for Harper's Bazaar's Women Who Dare series. While the photos are lovely, I'm just thrilled to see Mo'ne any and everywhere. Baseball for everyone!


In her feature, Davis, 13, digs into how it is as a girl playing a usually all boys sports of Little League baseball:

"Most want to hit against me, just to say they got a hit," she says shyly. How often does that happen? "Not very often. Maybe at the end of the game when I'm tired, but that's pretty much it."


Though she's fantastic at baseball, basketball is actually Davis' first love and she is probably (not officially, right? right.) being watched by University of Connecticut's womens' basketball team. But whatever sport she chooses, Davis will pack the seats and, no doubt, bring the game home.

Image via Harper's Bazaar.

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Anyone else feel like Chloe Sevigny is being everywhere but doing nothing? Like I get that a cool New Yorker determined her an also cool New Yorker in the 1990s, but I feel like her contributions are so minimal. Obviously I think there are class and race reasons behind it, but can someone correct me and give me and actual reason to think she dares besides "she's rich from New Jersey but dresses like what we think poor people dress like"?