Mo'ne Davis Looks Gorgeous in Teen Vogue

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In its November issue, Teen Vogue profiled 13-year-old little league star Mo'ne Davis. And Mo'ne is serving.


According to the tween (via Fashion Bomb Daily), people like us make a big deal about her being a girl in Little League who also happens to be killing the game, but her teammates could care less. When she's not working toward becoming a point guard for the University of Connecticut's women's basketball team or studying to maintain her honor student status, she's listening to Beyoncé and pouring over her style icon Zendaya's outfits. And though she looks pretty focused in that photo above, Mo'ne reveals that she's actually still a silly kid.

"Seeing my pitching, you'd think I'm a really serious person— but I'm actually kind of goofy."


More of this, teen magazines!

Image via Teen Vogue.

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SIGH. While I love her and everything she stands for...why does she have to look 'gorgeous'? I mean she does, but what does that have to do with her as a person? It just makes me a bit sad that for all her accomplishments we still put her looks at the top of her accomplishments.