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​Mommy Blogger's Instagram Deleted for Daughter's 'Nude' Photo

Illustration for article titled ​Mommy Bloggers Instagram Deleted for Daughters Nude Photo

Instagram has deleted popular mommy blogger and store owner Courtney Adamo's photos and account, after apparently receiving too many complaints that her photos violated community standards of nudity. However, the offending photo doesn't feature anybody's private parts, just her daughter's round belly.


Adamo tells her side of the story on her blog, Babyccino Kids, including the rationale behind the ostensibly offending snap:

On Wednesday evening I posted the above photo of Marlow in her yellow rainboots and her 'big girl undies'. I wrote about how, despite me trying to delay it, she had decided to be potty trained, and how she had kept her undies dry all day. I thought it was such a sweet photo of my baby girl and her gorgeous, round belly (and outie belly button). And I love that her pride is so evident in the photo – such a sweet and innocent shot of a successful day of potty-training. On Thursday morning the photo was gone from my feed and a another Instagram email was in my inbox. At least this time I knew which photo they had removed.


Adamo maintains that none of her photos depict any nudity, and is puzzled by all of the reports supposedly saying so. What's more, Instagram has not only deleted four years worth of memories, they have also shown how they unilaterally make upsetting decisions like these with nary an explanation.

Image via Babyccino Kids homepage.

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I'll just say that if you've never seen a 2-3 year old spontaneously lift up or take off their shirt or dress apropos of nothing, then you have never seen a 2-3 year old.