Mom With Breast Cancer Loses Custody Of Kids

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Last week the North Carolina Supreme Court ruled that Alaina Giordano's children must move to Chicago to live with their father. Giordano's breast cancer has been an issue in the custody dispute (though there are also allegations of cheating, poor parenting, and domestic violence from both parents), and she says she can't leave North Carolina because she's in a clinical trial at Duke that isn't available in Chicago. She's appealing the original custody order, though it's unlikely that the court will find in her favor. In a statement to her supporters on Facebook, Giordano says she still hopes to, "eliminate medical bias as a deciding factor in custody cases," adding, "my crusade begins today, and I hope my supporters who have numbered in the hundreds of thousands will now use their fervent energy to lobby for laws to be changed in their states as well."

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I view this quite differently than many commenters here probably because I speak from experience. My son was 7 when I was first diagnosed with breast cancer and 13 at the time of my second diagnosis. In between that came a brush with uterine cancer when he was 9 — though caught in the nick of time, it required extensive surgery and recovery. I guess all I want to say is, unless that judge has been in this woman's shoes, he/she could not have a clue as to the lengths this woman is willing to go to extend her life for as long as possible for the sake of her kids. This may sound harsh but I firmly believe this judge's decision will end up stripping this woman of much of her will to fight and to carry on.