Mom Stops Wedding By Accusing Daughter Of Terrorism

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In a rom-com plot gone very wrong, a Russian mom told authorities her daughter was a terrorist in order to keep her from flying to Morocco for her wedding.


According to CNN, the 33-year-old daughter had fallen for a Moroccan man and was planning to marry and live with him in Morocco. Mom didn't approve. So while her daughter went to the airport, she called Moscow police and said the younger woman was planning to blow up the airplane. The daughter was detained but cleared of all wrongdoing, and the mom eventually confessed after the call was traced. The daughter ended up going to Morocco after all — which is shocking because you'd think she'd totally want to stay home with her mom after this experience.

I have a lot of questions about this story that aren't currently being answered by news coverage. Will the mom be prosecuted (CNN says only that she "was detained for making a terror threat")? Was the daughter confused when she was pulled off the airplane and questioned as a terror suspect, or was she like, "Mom!"? And when is the movie coming out?

Russian Woman Calls In Fake Bomb Threat To Prevent Daughter's Marriage [CNN]


Terrorism and RomComs don't mix. These colors don't BLEED!