• A New York mom has been charged with endangering the welfare of a child after two of her oxycodone pills ended up in jelly sandwich prepared by her 3-year-old daughter.

Denise Manzella was making lunch for her kids when her younger daughter slipped her painkillers into a sandwich and urged her mother to eat it. The delicious-sounding 'wich ended up on a tray that was shared with neighborhood children. • Nike CEO Mark Parker recently spoke about their decision to stand by Tiger Woods: "It hasn't been that difficult, really, for us. We have a very close connection to the athletes we work with... We said constantly, since the situation erupted, that we would stand by Tiger, help him get back on his feet, back in the game." • A Haitian judge announced yesterday that they are dropping kidnapping charges against all 10 American missionaries arrested in the weeks following the earthquake. Group leader Laura Silsby will face lesser charges, which could still bring her up to three years in prison. Lawyers for the other detainees welcomed the judge's decision. • Cheyenne Williams, an "out" lesbian from Kentucky, was reportedly attacked by three of her classmates. Williams says she was kidnapped and brought to a remote area, where the girls beat her and tried to push her off a cliff. Her attackers, aged 17-18, face charges of kidnapping and attempted murder. Police are hesitant to call the incident, which occurred on the national "Day Of Silence," a hate crime, although both Williams and her parents say her sexual orientation was the reason for the attack. • While there are many women at lower and mid-level positions in the federal government, there are still relatively few who hold higher offices, according to a review by Politico. There is also still a serious problem with gender equality with regards to issues like maternity leave, says Ann Jacobs: "The bottom line is that most women have to leave when they have kids because their bosses are not accommodating. Members of Congress are selfish inherently because they want their staff around them all the time." • Three 14-year-old Palestinian girls built a beeping obstacle-detecting cane that can detect holes in the ground or downward steps. This breakthrough invention has won them a spot at the International Science and Engineering Fair in San Jose, California. They will be the first Palestinians to participate in the event. • The Canadian government has announced that abortion will not be included in the Group of Eight maternal healthcare initiative, which will fund family planning measures including contraceptives. Hillary Clinton has said that she believes the health initiative should help promote access to safe abortions, but on Monday the Canadian government revealed their decision. • Elizabeth Post, spokeswoman for the Emily Post Institute and author of more than a dozen books on etiquette, has passed away at the age of 89. She served as the spokeswoman for the Institute since 1965 and penned a manners column for Good Housekeeping for several decades. Elizabeth was the granddaughter-in-law of the original etiquette queen. • Former Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback Mike Tomczak was arrested Monday night at his home in Bell Acres, Pennsylvania, for attacking his wife. He has been charged with two counts of assault. Sadly, this is not the first time police have been called to the Tomczak residence. • South Carolina Senator Lindsey Graham says she believes the though new immigration law in Arizona will be quickly challenged by courts on constitutional grounds. His stance is in opposition to close pal John McCain, who has supported immigration law in the past. • Bill Clinton's niece Macy Clinton is a cash-strapped cosmetology student on food stamps. According to Radar Online, she "vows to live up to her famous family name." • An 11-year-old girl has made a record-breaking 1.3-mile-long chain of rubber bands. She explains: "I did it for fun." •