Mom Arrested After Baby Laughs Too Loud In Library

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People in Georgia can rest easier, knowing that police are protecting them from moms who make a scene in libraries. Donnetta Foster was at the Decatur Library last October using a computer to prepare for a job interview when her toddler laughed too loudly at a flash card. Foster says she quieted the boy, but security guards told her to leave and a library staffer shut down her computer. Foster refused to go, so the library called the police, and she "became irate yelling in a loud and boisterous manner." She moved away from the library but continued yelling, so police arrested her for disorderly conduct. Now Foster is facing up to a year in jail. She admits that she got too emotional, but her lawyer says the incident, "did not warrant her being arrested."

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What is wrong with people? When presented with a 20-year-old woman with a toddler who is trying to use a public computer, it's reasonable to make a few assumptions: 1. She doesn't have care for her toddler because nobody would bring a toddler to a library if she had any other option. 2. She really needs to use the computer and doesn't have access to one anywhere else. These are circumstances that should engender compassion, not rigidity. This all could have been avoided if someone on the library staff had acted like a human being at the outset.